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Reader Recs: Life-Changing Childhood Trips

Traveling at a young age can be a transformative experience that leads to a lifetime of wanderlust. To celebrate the power of travel (and perhaps inspire a few parents out there), we asked our @NatGeoTravel Facebook fans to tell us about trips that made a lasting impression on them during their early years.

Made in Italy: Naples

In Naples perhaps more than anywhere else in Italy, craftsmanship is the fruit of ancient knowledge, handed down through the centuries.

#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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Travels on the Run: Bayside Naples

For National Geographic Books Senior Editor Barbara A. Noe, going on a run is the best way to get oriented in a new city, and a great way to take in the sights. So lace up your sneaks and read on to get Barbara’s tips on where to run in some of the world’s greatest places — and what to see along the way.

The Brighter Side of Naples

Face it—Naples is likely not the first destination to come to mind when planning a trip to Italy. I take that back—you may decide to go to Naples, but only as a jumping-off point for Capri or the Amalfi Coast. I mean, grit, grime, and crime are not the best calling cards for tourism. So…

Snorkeling for Roman Ruins

By Barbara A. Noe In Italy, Roman ruins sprinkle the landscape like Parmesan cheese on pasta. In a twist of the typical, terrestrial way to see them, I recently donned a snorkel mask and fins on the Bay of Naples. Heading out in a Zodiac some 400 yards off the coast of Pozzuoli, six miles north of…

Eat, Love, Pizza: Sampling Naples’ Swoon-Worthy Slices

Inspired by the release of “Eat Pray Love,” we asked some our female contributors to write on how those themes have played into their travels. Today Emily Chaplin Krug shares how she followed in the footsteps of best selling author Elizabeth Gilbert to find her Shangri-La, Neapolitan style. Three little words: I, Love, Pizza. I’ll…

Tour Guide: Learning from Locals

In Italy, it’s easy to marvel at frescoes painted by the masters. But while gaping at the Sistine Chapel ceiling is nice enough, tour company Context would prefer you try your hand at a more authentic experience: slathering wet plaster with your own artistic finesse during a three-hour fresco workshop in Florence. In addition to…