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“Llama trekking seemed a perfect fit,” explains Stuart Wilde, who came to the New Mexico backcountry outside of Taos more than two decades ago. “As an outdoor educator and conservation advocate, they help me teach about minimal-impact backcountry ethics and sustainable tourism.”

I just returned from photo workshop in Santa Fe led by longtime National Geographic photographer, Joe McNally. When you’re in the presence of such greatness, some of it has to rub off, right? Here are a few things I picked up that I hope will help you step up your photography skills.

Trailing David Bowie

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If a life can be art, why can’t travel? As we brace for what comes next 40 years after Bowie famously retired his Ziggy Stardust persona on July 3, 1973, there’s no better way to uncover the man who sang about space, fame, and modern love than following in his footsteps.

Urban Insider Annie Fitzsimmons waxes nostalgic for the festive illuminaria traditions in the American Southwest.

VIDEO: Santa Fe’s Good Folk(s)

Imagine meeting a person who told you they made $17,000 in just one weekend. “Nice gig!” I’m sure you’d say, as you wonder what lucky soul nabbed such a cush job. That would be the dread-locked man from Vanuatu, who sells his sculptures to feed his family back home and the artisan from Sudan, who uses what she makes to bring running water to her village.

There are no silver spoons at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

Crashing A Space Station

When it comes down to it, I simply can’t pass up an adventure.

Especially when it involves a space station.

Virgin Galactic’s space station.

Arizona and New Mexico hotels with American Indian 
connections offer cultural experiences.

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The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is opening a new exhibit this weekend. Folk Art of the Andes will showcase over 850 works of Andean art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The show’s woodcarvings, metal work, paintings, weaving, ceramics, and embroidery reflect the melding of craft traditions with traditional European techniques.

How I Caught Myself Fly Fishing

Lisa TE Sonne ventured to New Mexico, where she never expected to find herself hooked on fly fishing. Trout fishing has seduced less susceptible people than me. I had no life ambition to be hooked on hooks, but how many times do you get a chance to go out with an author and fourth-generation expert…

Hello city-lovers! Ashley Biggers writes to us from the Southwest, where she’s an associate editor at New Mexico Magazine, to tell us why she loves her hometown of Albuquerque. Want to see your city on IT? Copy and paste our list of fill-in-the-blank questions into an e-mail, fill in your answers, and send your responses…

Mass Happiness in Albuquerque

National Geographic Digital Media staffer Jo Dickison was in Albuquerque last week to watch the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  She shares a few tips for travelers planning to make the trip. Mass Happiness has begun. The 2009 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta kicked off on Saturday with the spectacular mass ascension of 600-plus hot air…

The Roswell UFO Festival has just ended, but that doesn’t mean extraterrestrial-themed fun has to stop. Architect/designer Gene Frazier and businessman Thomas Armstrong are out to prove that indulging your inner exphile can be a year-round pleasure. The pair have been working on Earth Station Roswell, a resort complex nestled in the famous city where…

Lightning Field of Dreams

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                                        IT loves both nature and art , so when Bryan Lavietes, the senior Washington producer for Court TV (and onetime Harvard English major), suggested a piece combining the two, we lent him our ears…then, gave him a pen: I don’t remember…