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NOLA Like a Local

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“Eat Local” may be a national trend, but in steamy, dreamy New Orleans the focus is on local living. The Crescent City is fiercely devoted to its homegrown traditions–be they culinary, musical, cultural, or otherwise. Though some of our habits and haunts–like gumbo, go-cups, and the French Quarter–are famous the world over, others remain a bit more elusive to visitors. Here are just a few of them.

5 Louisiana Food Quirks

National Geographic Young Explorer grantee Caroline Gerdes reveals the top five food quirks about her hometown of New Orleans.

The Strangely Comforting World of Voodoo

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“Get back in here!” Miriam stood in doorway watching an embarrassed man in his mid-30s shouting at a woman who was running down the street screaming. “What is going on with that girl?” she laughed. “Oh she… she just gets scared easily,” he said. Miriam shut the door and turned to me. “Some people these days, they’ve just gone crazy.” She smiled, but you could tell that her feelings were a little bit hurt. And you could tell that it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. But, then again, when you run one of the most famous Voodoo temples in the U.S., you have to expect a few faint-of-hearts to cross your path.

Irvin Durand: Ambassador of NOLA Goodness

I’ve been going about this all wrong, this looking for good in every city I visit. See, there was an assumption that if someone was doing some real good, then they’d have an office with a big sign, or a business card…something to suggest or confirm the goodness. But that’s not always true. When I jumped in a cab a few days ago in New Orleans, I met someone who was doing good without even knowing it.

The Pit Bull “Problem”

Dr. Seuss had one. Helen Keller claims they’re one of the best therapy dogs. Jon Stewart has two – and they watch over his young children. But these aren’t the stories you hear when you hear about pit bulls.

NOLA Jazz Fest: A Healthy Addiction

By Monica C. Corcoran, senior photo editor at NationalGeographic.com I knew I had a problem when a coworker asked how long I’d been going to Jazz Fest and I couldn’t remember if it was 17 … or was it 18 years? It’s my annual pilgrimage to the promised land of lip-smacking food and hip-shaking music,…