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Where the Buffalo Roam: Dakotas Road Trip

The plains? Hardly. A solo drive through the Dakotas proves big on personality.

Where the Buffalo….Still Roam

Back in September, I blogged about the concept of the Buffalo Commons, whose goal was to revert the Great Plains to its pristine condition by creating a nature preserve for free-roaming bison. So when I read a recent article in the New York Times about this very topic, I was delighted to discover the eco-initiative…

Where the Buffalo Roam

North and South Dakota may be better associated with blustery temps and the big, empty prairies of Laura Ingalls Wilder than, say, appealing vacation spots. But au contraire: pockets of the Midwest are reverting to their natural state with a new emphasis on land conservation, eco-tourism, and recreational ranches. Much of these efforts are focused…