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Embracing Endless Night in Norway

Vacationing in the endless Arctic night? Crazy idea, but it doesn’t take long to fall in love with Svalbard in the dead of winter. Okay, there’s no sun (I mean really no sun—for more than four months), but instead of basking on warm beaches, I’ve spent the past two weeks bathing in moonlight, starlight, and the occasional…

Aurora Rising: Norway’s Northern Lights

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Weathered stave churches line the lush fjords of Norway’s majestic west coast, unrivaled for its natural beauty, cascading waterfalls, and wildlife such as whales and puffins. But come wintertime, snow covers the emerald shore, and the wild green of the cliffs ascends to the sky.

Best Places to Stay: Northern Lights

If you’ve never seen the northern lights, there’s still time to catch the spectacular display this year. The aurora borealis–named, aptly, after the Roman goddess of dawn and the Greek word for the north wind–can appear on a clear night from September through April, and is often at its most intense in February and March. Here are three stand-out lodges that will get you up close and personal.

Three Reasons to Visit Swedish Lapland

If you’ve got “See the northern lights” on your bucket list, you may want to start planning a trip to Swedish Lapland because NASA is predicting that the strongest solar explosions of the last decade will happen this fall and winter. But that’s just one reason to explore the region. Here are two more.

The Radar: Alaska Borealis, Budapest’s Must-See Market, Authentic Mexican

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The Radar: See the Northern Lights, How to Dance in Cape Breton, Jordan’s Ultimate Street Food

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are up there on many traveler’s must-see lists, along with sites like the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu. Unlike most destinations, however, finding this dazzling display of light isn’t always easy. Follow these tips, and head to Alaska, northern Scandinavia, and Canada to keep the odds in your favor. [Washington…

Hunting the Northern Lights

Lisa T.E. Sonne has chronicled the blinking lights of synchronous fireflies in Malaysia and flashing lures of fly fishing for Intelligent Travel. Now she shares her latest quest to “see the light.” The word “hunting” conjures a primal set of emotions. The word “lights” elicits more artistic and spiritual thoughts. My 2010 challenge was to…

Anchorage Away!

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IT asked former Traveler staffer Meghan Aftosmis (who currently works in PR) to ask her Alaskan colleagues for their favorite wintry things to do in Big Wild Life  (a.k.a. Anchorage) besides watching the start of the Iditarod or viewing the Northern Lights. Here’s what she came up with: The Chugach Mountains tower over the Anchorage…