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I Heart My National Park: Cuyahoga Valley

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Crisscrossed by roads and freeways, encompassing towns, private attractions, and city parks, Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park is hardly comparable to the vast wilderness parks of the American West. But opportunities for personal reflection abound here, too. Cuyahoga Valley features secluded trails through rugged gorges that seem far removed from civilization; vistas of tree-covered hills where the urban world is out of sight; marshes where beaver, herons, and wood ducks thrive. Here’s a look at Ohio’s only national park through interpretive ranger Rebecca Jones Macko’s unique lens.

Insider’s Guide to Cincinnati

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Ohio’s city of seven hills is on the way up. New riverfront parks and neighborhood comebacks are revitalizing Cincinnati’s urban core—a mix of industrial grit and Victorian ornamentation that wags call “sauerbraten Gothic.”

I Heart My City: Joe’s Cleveland

Joe Baur is a writer and filmmaker with a passion for travel, craft beer, and adventure. His work has taken him all over the world, but for this Cleveland native, there’s nothing better than coming home. Here are a few of Joe’s favorite things about the pride of Ohio, the Forest City.

Paying Tribute to the Ultimate Traveler

Tomorrow’s full moon offers us a luminous chance to pay tribute to Neil Armstrong, the man who redefined long-distance travel when he became the first person to step foot on the moon in the summer of 1969. In a statement, his family expressed a wish that the next time you see the moon smiling down at you, to think of Neil and give him a wink.

A Warm Willkommen in Columbus

Ohio’s often underappreciated capital city celebrates its bicentennial this year. One of Columbus’s longest standing—and most welcoming—pockets lies just south of downtown: German Village.

Summer Dance Festivals Across the Nation

We all know the Big Apple is the dance capital of the U.S., if not the world. With unparalleled ballet companies like the American Ballet Theatre, contemporary legends like the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and that little place called Broadway, world class dancers and choreographers flock to Manhattan – and bring audiences with them.…

Going Green in Hocking Hills

Elizabeth Seward is back from a stay at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, and dishes on her green experience. It’s not easy for hotels or inns to actually be green. It takes more than leaving a sign in the bathroom requesting that guests reuse their towels. The hospitality industry is one that is…

Old McDonald Had a Mall

Introducing the Eco Village: A Cleveland Mall that takes the notion of a food court to a new level. When Vicky Poole, marketing manager at Cleveland’s Erieview shopping mall, was thinking about how she could rebuild and reuse the abandoned space in the mall’s glass-enclosed galleria, she had green on her mind, and it wasn’t…

Cleveland Rocks

Popular culture has done Cleveland a disservice. Most of its references to the city are negative: Drew Carey’s “Cleveland Rocks” anthem did little more than reinforce stuffy mid-Western stereotypes; basketball star Lebron James is from there, but can’t ever seem to stop talking about leaving town; David Foster Wallace used it as the ideal-because-it-isn’t-ideal setting…

Cleveland: Green City?

Forty years ago, Cleveland’s river burned. Literally. The Cuyahoga River, which winds through Cleveland and Akron, was once one of the most polluted rivers in the United States, having caught fire more than a dozen times since 1868. When it burned in 1969, Time magazine described the Cuyahoga (which means “crooked river” in Iroquois) as…

Camping Goes… Greener

Camping may seem like one of the greenest possible ways to travel. You’re close to nature, bringing only what you need, and leaving only footprints behind. But as it turns out, the managers of campsites across the country are attempting to make the camping experience even greener, and are rolling out new methods of cutting…