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Family Travel Don’t: Fear-Packing

Fear-packing is what happens in that last 24 hours before your departure—when your mind starts to play tricks on you. In my case, the fears usually surround what the kids might need. I must pack, I tell myself, to account for every possible mishap. Here’s what’s wrong with that approach, and how to make a course correction.

How to Pack Mindfully

I didn’t know what I’d need for my first extended meditation retreat, and I’d never been to the Bay area in winter, so I packed enough for a year in any climate – just to be on the safe side. This was my first lesson in traveling mindfully.

Packing List: Antarctica

It took Ernest Shackleton years to prepare for his expedition to Antarctica. Modern-day travelers will need to plan in advance as well. Here are a few practical tips to get you started, including what to bring.

How to Pack for a Boat Trip

This summer I was faced with a new travel challenge: how to pack for a diving expedition on the Great Barrier Reef. After spending more than three days on a 100-footer, it was easy to put together a list of what to bring — and what to leave on land — when you’re preparing for your first (or next) live-aboard boat trip.

How to Pack for Weekend Trips

Packing for a weekend away isn’t an exact science. I’m not going to tell you “bring two dresses and a pair of jeans.” So much depends on where you’re going, the weather, and your personal style. But there are some tips I can offer to help you pack for success.

The Radar: Budapest’s Good Eats, Heathrow’s New Travel Pods, Packing Tips

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