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Oceanographer Sylvia Earle, or “Her Deepness,” is one of Nat Geo’s Explorers in Residence, an elite group of scientists and adventurers who, with the Society’s support, serve as visionaries in their field, doing groundbreaking work that not only improves our understanding of the planet we share, but makes it a better place. Earle recently returned from an expedition in Palau, and took time to share reflections on her career, her thoughts on travel, and what it’s like to swim with 13 million jellyfish. Here’s what she had to say.

The Radar: Travel Lately

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Joy of the Jellies

First, one golden jellyfish emerged from the milky turquoise water and glided by. More appeared in the distance and then a dozen propeled themselves in graceful pulses all around me, their diaphanous bells contracting and releasing. Then hundreds appeared. Fleets of curious spaceships, some indifferent, others getting closer, seemingly curious to check out a giant visitor– me. (Photo: Tomas Kotouc/My Shot)

Family Diving in Palau: Part 2

Last week, Rainer Jenss shared how he prepared his children for their first diving trip to Palau. Read the first post here. When I told friends our family was traveling to Palau this past Thanksgiving, I usually had to include a brief geography lesson as part of the conversation. The truth is, it’s not enough…

Scuba Diving With Kids in Palau

Anyone with young kids certainly knows about the lifestyle modifications that need to be made in order to raise children. Among other things, you just can’t go out as much or stay up as late as you did BC (before children). And when it comes to traveling, most parents somehow feel obligated to forgo their…