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Everyone’s heard tales of parents who blend pureed veggies into their kids’ cookies. I leave the cauliflower alone, but I love the vacation equivalent: sneaking a culture fix into an otherwise child-focused trip. While not every museum is suited for families, here are a few favorites, old and new, that add an easy educational upgrade to some of this winter’s most popular destinations.

Ever since I read Bruce Chatwin’s “In Patagonia,” I’ve wanted to follow in his footsteps. And at the end of 2012, I was poised to realize my dream when Conservación Patagonica hired me to teach English at the nascent Patagonia National Park. My plan was to stay for three months; I ended up staying nearly five times that long. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at this remarkable park in progress.

The staff at National Geographic Travel is always criss-crossing the globe to uncover the best and the brightest places, but we have travel wish lists just like everyone else. Here’s where we want to go in 2014 and why.

The average person couldn’t point the Falklands out on a map. Even in the U.K. (the Falklands are a “British Overseas Territory”), mention of the islands often invites remarks along the lines of “Oh, how I love Scotland!”

Extra Padding in Patagonia

Campsites have long been the main option in Patagonia, a challenging prospect as freezing rain and gale-force gusts threaten much of the year. Now, less hardy travelers can rest easy at local operator Vertice Patagonia’s new series of affordable eco-lodges linking the region’s popular attractions.

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Photos: Where You Went

Our readers boast impressive travel résumés, which is why every Friday we ask you the same question on Facebook: Where are you traveling this weekend? See photos of where YOU went, and get inspired to plan your next trip. Photos by readers like you. Upload your favorite travel photos with a caption to Your Shot/Travel at ngm.com/yourshot. Tag all…

Photos: Where You Went

Our readers boast impressive travel résumés, which is why every Friday we ask you the same question on Facebook: Where are you traveling this weekend? See photos of where YOU went, and get inspired to plan your next trip.

Patagonia is pure, dramatic nature–craggy peaks that seem to signal the end of the Earth (the tip of South America is nearby, after all); panoramas of grassy foothills, each topped with a single guanaco on the lookout for pumas; waterfalls and glaciers seeping into lakes colored a startling blue. Every windblown inch of it screams…

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Andrew Evans recounts his race to reach Ushuaia before his boat left for Antarctica. One country, five buses, seven days. Argentina is a huge country. I suppose I was aware of that fact beforehand–subconsciously–but traveling the entire length of the country in person really drives the point home. Pun intended, I guess. I entered into…

Stay Warm, Get Buff!

Contributing writer Cathy Healy reports from snowbound Washington, DC, where the snowfall has broken all previous records.  How to stay warm in such weather? She reveals a tip from a friend who’s just back from Patagonia.   The snow stormed down on us like an emptied sack of flour and we slogged back under the…

The Other Patagonia

When Andrew Evans left Chile’s Patagonia region, he had multiple filled notebooks and a camera that kept blinking “insufficient memory.” Here, he shares some of his sufficient memories from his trip. Some countries just don’t get along–just the way people do. France grumbles at England, America shakes its head at France. The Swedes mock the…

Pondering Patagonia

IT contributor Emily Haile is just back from a trip to Chile, where things are crooked and steeped in the past. They say if you eat the calafate berry, you’ll return to Patagonia. They taste like blueberries, only better, and they grow like weeds in summer. The Chileans love the calafate — it inspires them…

Traveling Outside the Box

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IT has nothing against the Great Wall or the Eiffel Tower, but when we travel, we’re looking to really experience a place—not just see its major tourist attractions. And, according to an article published in Newsweek last month, we’re not the only ones. Tour operators are working to revamp their line-ups to please an increasingly…