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Reader Recs: World’s Best Markets

I’m a sucker for a good market. The noise, the food, the smells, and best of all, the shopping. There’s nothing quite like it. To celebrate these dynamic cultural hubs, we asked our Nat Geo Travel Facebook fans to share with us their picks for the best markets to visit all over the world.

10 Summer Foods to Travel For in the U.S.A.

So many of my travel memories are linked to great food, like street daal at Ravi in Dubai or spaghetti pomodoro at Hotel Cipriani in Venice. But summer always brings me back to my childhood, and to America. Here’s a list of some of the food-place combos that keep me coming back no matter where I am.

The Radar: Insiders Guide to Seattle, 10 Cheapest Places to Live Abroad, Private Dining in Havana

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Pike Place Perfection

Seattle’s Pike Place Market celebrated its 100th Anniversary this August. While it takes a lifetime to explore all nine acres of this Pacific Northwest attraction, one of our Seattle staffers shares her list of must-sees (and must-eats) for the traveler who’s only got an hour or two: Pike Place Fish (pictured): Look for a big…