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There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in July.

Chris Guillebeau achieved something most people only dream of: visiting every country in the world. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he managed to complete this remarkable feat before his 35th birthday. When he’s not traveling, Chris can be found writing (he’s the New York Times best-selling author of The Happiness of Pursuit and The $100 Startup) and hosting the World Dominations Summit, an annual gathering of creative people from across the globe. Here’s a look at the world through Chris’s unique lens.

Portland may be best known for its beer, bicycling locals, and street food, but—as unlikely as it sounds—many of the city’s seemingly “grown-up” attractions can be geared towards kids with just a little tweaking. Here’s the rundown on how to give hipster Portland a family-friendly spin.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s important to ask big questions about the future of travel and how we’re changing our planet by exploring it en masse. That’s why we asked 13 luminaries in their spheres–from David Byrne and Richard Branson to Pico Iyer and Digital Nomad Andrew Evans–to tackle 13 subjects we think are worth talking about as we count down to 2014.

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in December.

Streetcars are sometimes typecast as old-fashioned conveyances, but they’re making encore appearances in cities around the world.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, nothing tickles the taste buds quite like barbecue. BBQ capitals like Kansas City and Memphis are well represented on our list, but America’s love affair with smoked meat is quite clearly a national preoccupation.

Costas Christ brings us five Friday-to-Monday getaways from Maine to Manhattan that deliver friendly service and great food along with a palpable commitment to caring for the environment.

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world all the time. Here’s just a taste of what you can do and see in December.

Who doesn’t want to be a travel photographer and earn their keep by exploring the world and capturing its essence for the rest of us to see? I know I do.

I was lucky enough to sit in on one of Traveler’s photo seminars earlier this month, led by award-winning photographer Jim Richardson and the magazine’s senior photo editor Dan Westergren. Though Jim and Dan believe in the importance of technique, they stressed that “the secret is in how you look at the world, not in how you turn the dials on the camera.”

Here are a few of Jim and Dan’s tips on how to get into the right frame of mind when you’re making pictures.

Ghost-Dodging in Portland

“Some people swear they’ve seen her,” Ben the bartender said.

“One guy described her in detail, down to the bows on her shoes. He said he saw her sitting right there, in that chair next to you,” he added pointing to my right. “Sometimes, if I feel an eerie presence around, I’ll leave that chair down when I put the others up for the night. Just in case.”

Maineland Bound

By Amber Parcher A February trip to a coastal town in Maine sounds less like a vacation and more like a stunt of bravery. But this year’s warm New England winter opened up the doors for a weekend trip to one of the Pine Tree State’s most famous finger peninsulas and the 250-year-old bed and…

Coffee Vacations

Most of us have heard of cooking vacations–trips that involve traveling to an idyllic place and taking cooking classes from a local chef or school. Last spring, Elizabeth Berg made us envious (and hungry) when she wrote about attending a cooking school along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. I piggybacked on that story and blogged about cooking…

Eating Well in Portland, Maine

Contributing editor Margaret Loftus takes us on a culinary tour of Portland, Maine. I’ve been known to plan my day around where I might eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner when visiting the venerable food capitals of New York and Paris, but Portland, Maine? You bet. The city’s rise to culinary stardom has been chronicled in…

Great Bike-Friendly Cities

Exploring North American cities by bike is only getting easier, thanks to the creation of more bike lanes, commuter-friendly policies, and a number of open street programs being introduced across the country. In the March issue of Traveler, writer David Swanson spotlights some of these steps taken in several cities. Boston’s hired a former Olympic…

Portland: A Top Bike-Friendly City

Traveler Contributing Editor James Conaway cruised Portland by bike in our November/December issue and experienced first-hand how bike friendly the “City that Works” is. Portland is the first U.S. city to earn a Platinum rating from the League of American Bicyclists (in 2003), and it boasts a staggering 164 miles of bike lanes, 66 miles…

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Our November/December issue is on its way to a newsstand or mailbox near you – and features our sixth annual Destinations Rated Survey. Conducted by the National Geographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations, this year’s survey looked at how tourism is impacting some of the iconic places we first surveyed in 2003 and rated in…

I Heart My City: Susan’s Portland

To mark the release of our March issue (now on newsstands), we’re celebrating cities over the next few weeks, and we’ve asked our readers to share what they love most about their towns. We’ve been overwhelmed by your responses, and don’t worry, we’re going to try to get to them all! Still haven’t submitted? Here’s…

Dine Baby Dine

We at Intelligent Travel love Restaurant Week. The concept: Dine on a fixed-price, three-course lunch or dinner to sample a variety of cuisines at a fraction of the cost. Some restaurants let you select items from their full menu, others offer limited menu choices (check the website to see full menus) or specially prepared menus.…

By Alexandra Burguieres It’s not every day you have to struggle to keep a story about doughnuts PG-13. But Voodoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon–-fresh off opening a second store in the city called Voodoo Doughnut Too!–-thrives on providing people with new experiences. Why should writing about their new store be any different? When I visited…

IT Travels with Mary Beth LaRue

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During a quick weekend trip this spring to Portland, Oregon, Traveler‘s assistant online editor Mary Beth LaRue had some of her best meals not in four-star restaurants (although those weren’t too shabby either) but in neighborhood Victorians with vintage charm. She reports: Several of this innovative city’s most popular restaurants have taken a low-key approach,…

How Sweet IT Is

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In case anyone was in doubt, last week’s heat wave was a clear reminder of just what season is upon us. Since we already gave you the lowdown on how to find a pool near you, this week IT will explore another favorite means of summer temperature reduction: ice cream. Or, to be precise, our…