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Road Tripping Provence

Want to kick the family road trip up a notch? Head to southern France.

Just Back: Provence

Barbara A. Noe oversees the creation of National Geographic’s travel books—and every now and again has the opportunity to write them. She recently returned from a trip to Provence and the French Riviera on assignment to update Nat Geo Travel’s guidebook to the region. Here are some of the high points of her trip, in her own words.

Lavender Fields Forever: The Belles of Provence

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If you like Paris in the springtime, you’ll love Provence in the summer. The region’s famous lavender fields burst into full flower at the end of June and last until the beginning of August in a good year. Don’t miss your chance to see–and smell–the fragrant herbs up close and personal this year. Here are three great places to stay while you’re there.

The Radar: Travel Lately

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The Radar: Italy’s Vespa Museum, Provence Cooking Schools, D.C. Jazz Fest

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The Vespa might just be as big of an Italian icon as the Colosseum or Sofia Loren. Learn more about the history of the scooter at the Museo Piaggio in Pontedera, Italy where Vespas of all shapes, design, and colors are on display. [Velvet Escape via #ngtradar] Learn about Southern French culinary history and culture,…

Trip Lit: Peter Mayle’s Vintage Caper

Our beloved book critic Don George is back this month reviewing the latest tome from Peter Mayle, a writer who first inspired us to pack our bags two decades ago with his best-selling A Year in Provence. His latest, The Vintage Caper, revisits Provence through a story of a multi-million-dollar heist of French wines from…

Wired Wanderlust: Family Travel Blogs

Mozart in her flamenco outfit Family travel doesn’t necessarily mean piling into the station wagon with armloads of Mad Libs, granola bars, and pillows anymore. IT has scoured the Web to nab some of the best family travel blogs floating around in cyberspace. Reader Lisa Dee wrote in to share her favorite travel blog, Soul…