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Culinary Quito: An Introduction

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A great confluence of indigenous, Spanish, and African traditions, Ecuadorian cuisine is a true melting pot of flavors that has managed, in large part, to remain undiscovered. From its perch high in the Andes, Quito represents one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, offering up an abundance of intriguing fruits, vegetables, and spices. Here are seven things to know about the Ecuadorian capital’s unique culinary offerings.

Oh, the Places Nat Geo Goes

When you work at National Geographic, one of the first questions people ask is if you get to travel. The answer is often yes, but one of the best parts of the job is being surrounded by sharp, globe-trotting people, and getting to hear their stories. That’s why we asked folks on National Geographic’s Travel team to share a story about the best trip they’ve taken in the past year with our Intelligent Travel readers.

Best of the World: Quito

Some people may be surprised to see Quito in Traveler’s epic year-end Best of the World feature. The Spanish colonial UNESCO World Heritage site often gets short shrift, with many travelers treating the city as a stopover en route to the Galapagos, but Quito deserves main-event status. Here’s why.

The Radar: Walking Historic Quito, Delta’s Wi-Fi Fleet, NYC for Book Lovers

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Bus2Antarctica: The Kindness of Strangers

Andrew Evans always listens to his mom’s advice, but also realizes that sometimes life has a way of bringing wonderful strangers in to help you. We’re taught to fear all strangers from a very young age–after that, the propaganda never really stops. Pick up any guidebook to any country, or worse–read the U.S. State Department…

Organic Chocolate in Ecuador

Kallari bars are considered to be some of the best chocolate around (at least by pastry chef Kate Zuckerman–see this article–and Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert). Available in Whole Foods markets, they are a sweet you can feel good about buying: Over 850 Kichwa families living in the Amazon rain forest region of Ecuador have formed…