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I Heart My Island: Rarotonga

Pa Teuruaa was born on Rarotonga, the largest and most populous island in the sprawling South Pacific archipelago known as the Cook Islands. Despite spending time in (relatively) nearby New Zealand, he couldn’t resist the pull of his ancestral home. Upon his return, Pa parlayed his twin passions for the island’s rugged interior and the healing power of plants into a career as a guide, leading his first nature trek in 1985. Here’s a look at the jewel of “the Cooks” through Pa’s unique lens.

@NatGeoTravel Staff Picks: Best Islands

On the lookout for a great escape? There’s nothing quite like an island to transport you to an alternate reality—one where days seem to stretch on forever and troubles fall away like an ebbing tide. Here are a few of the @NatGeoTravel team’s favorite islands to get you in that dreaming mood.

Reader Recs: Island Getaways

Nothing screams vacation quite like a sandy beach, clear blue water, and a fruity drink. To inspire a bit of summer wanderlust (or to help with your winter escape plans), we recently asked our Facebook fans to tell us their favorite island getaways in the world. Their answers ranged from large archipelagos to tiny islands we had to look up on a map, but one thing is for sure—their picks will keep you daydreaming for days.