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Los Cabos: A Window to Paradise

When I landed in Los Cabos, I almost immediately started daydreaming. You will too, if you come here. It’s rare that I arrive at a destination and start planning my return trip. Cabo hooked me in an hour. Here’s why.

Should You Resort to a Resort?

Traditional resorts wrap their guests in a cozy blanket of the familiar, filtering out risk, chance, surprises — in other words, the very things that draw many to travel in the first place. Here’s a peek at the other side.

Spring Trips: Find Your Home on the Range

We just launched our Best Spring Trips 2012 list and yesterday on IT we gave you three ideas for yoga-centered trips. But if the longer spring days are awakening the inner adventurer in you, then strap on some spurs, saddle up a horse, and read on for three trip ideas that will take you out…

Unplugged in Capon Springs

I’ve stepped back in time. Last year, when I arrived at Capon Springs and Farms in West Virginia with my family and friends for one last blast of summer, I felt like I was back at my childhood summer camp. Scattered across its 4,700 acres were tidy, white clapboard cottages trimmed in green shutters, a…

Terrestrial Beings to Resort to Extremes

The Roswell UFO Festival has just ended, but that doesn’t mean extraterrestrial-themed fun has to stop. Architect/designer Gene Frazier and businessman Thomas Armstrong are out to prove that indulging your inner exphile can be a year-round pleasure. The pair have been working on Earth Station Roswell, a resort complex nestled in the famous city where…