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Past Forward Amsterdam

The anything-goes Dutch capital has a healthy hold on heritage. Take a look at Amsterdam through author Russell Shorto’s eyes.

I Heart My City: Cecily’s Amsterdam

Born and raised in the U.K., Cecily Layzell hopped the pond to Amsterdam a decade ago and has been keeping it continental ever since. When she’s not scoping out the latest restaurant and bars in the Dutch capital for her website, Eat Amsterdam, the food and travel writer spends her time freelancing for publications all around the globe. Here are a few of her favorite things about the Venice of the North.

Going Dutch in the Off Season

Most travelers visit the Netherlands in spring, when the country’s famed tulips are in bloom. But there are plenty of things to do in the western European nation any time of year—even during the bleakest days of winter. Here are five.

I Heart My City: Emilio’s Amsterdam

Emilio Brizzi has been a professional photographer most of his life, and one of his favorite subjects is the city where he lives: Amsterdam. His love for the Dutch capital — from its detailed-oriented architecture and modern take on tradition and history to the laid-back independence of its citizenry — is palpable. See if you don’t fall in love next.

Amsterdam’s Hotel Gems

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Amsterdam’s historic liquid core, a checkerboard of intersecting canals, received formal UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage site in 2010 and is now marking its quadricentennial. Here are some of the best places to stay in the Canal District.

Art in Amsterdam

Jim Conaway is just back from a visit to Amsterdam, where he checked out two current exhibits at the city’s celebrated museums. In Amsterdam, two unique artists beckon this winter from distinctly different worlds. Anyone passing through Holland, even with just a few hours between connecting flights, should make tracks for both the national Rijksmuseum,…