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When New York City puts on its holiday charm, even the grumps among us can’t help but be enchanted. There’s just something about twinkly lights, sweet treats, and whiffs of roasted chestnuts that is universally appealing. Here’s my custom itinerary for a festive holiday crawl that will take you from Greenwich Village all the way to Central Park.

#FriFotos: Windows of the World

This week’s #FriFotos pick was taken by Susan Seubert (from Rockefeller Center’s observation deck) and is today’s feature photo on Travel 365.

#FriFotos is a weekly themed Twitter chat founded by @EpsteinTravels, @TravelDesigned, and @CharlesYap where travelers share their favorite pics. Search #FriFotos on Twitter to see the latest submissions or tweet one of your own.

New York’s New Ever-”Green”

As a transplanted New Yorker new to D.C., I’ve gotten a bit nostalgic this past week for all the holiday trappings of my former home: The massive twinkling UNICEF snowflake that dangles above Fifth Avenue (outshining anything in Tiffany’s windows across the way). The smell of, yes, chestnuts, roasting over the street vendors’ fires. And…