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The dramatic geology and wide-open spaces of the American Southwest lend themselves to UFO activity—imaginary or real—making it one of the top spots for sightings. Roswell, New Mexico, may be the most notable name in extraterrestrial lore, but there are plenty of other hot spots in the region that deserve honorable mentions. Here are five.

Trailing David Bowie

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If a life can be art, why can’t travel? As we brace for what comes next 40 years after Bowie famously retired his Ziggy Stardust persona on July 3, 1973, there’s no better way to uncover the man who sang about space, fame, and modern love than following in his footsteps.

The Roswell UFO Festival has just ended, but that doesn’t mean extraterrestrial-themed fun has to stop. Architect/designer Gene Frazier and businessman Thomas Armstrong are out to prove that indulging your inner exphile can be a year-round pleasure. The pair have been working on Earth Station Roswell, a resort complex nestled in the famous city where…