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Touring Europe by Motor Home

Heather Greenwood Davis is “National Geographic Traveler” magazine’s family travel advocate, guru, and soothsayer. Here’s her latest advice.

Airstreaming the Pacific Coast Highway

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to embrace a different kind of travel. Despite having spent two decades traversing more than 100 countries in all manner of ways, I had never been in an RV. And yet, hitting the road in one of these self-contained mobile domiciles is exactly how thousands of fellow travelers see the world. What was I missing?

Insider’s Guide to RV Road Tripping

Recreational vehicles sit somewhere between hotels and tents. The upside: RV life is autonomous—your quarters travel with you—and allows for spontaneous stops. But then again, RVs need loads of gas and can be tricky to park. In any case, they represent a truly unique mode of transport that’s tailor-made for road tripping. Here’s your guide to getting started.

Parks + Rec: RV-ing the American West

Over the years I’ve done most everything 
with my sons—jumped in puddles, ridden roller coasters, skied black-diamond slopes. I’ve always thought of myself as a “fun” mom. However, they’re becoming young men, and it’s harder for me to do what they do. As they continue to grow, my husband, Robb, and I know we don’t have much time left to travel with our boys before they head out into the world. Time for a classic American road trip, RV style.

Family Road Tripping in Alaska

Immortalized (and lampooned) in the 1983 box office hit Vacation, summertime road trips have been an American family tradition for generations. Whether it’s the idea of spending quality time together, saving money on flights, visiting somewhere special, or a combination of all three, there’s something curiously romantic about loading up the car and hitting the…

The Radar: Trekking Through Chilean Patagonia, World’s Most Interesting Hot Air Balloons, Things Not To Do in an RV

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Going RV-ing? Try Going Green

Ahh, the open road. What could be more American than a cross-country road trip? Just pack up the kids and hop in the RV. But wait–isn’t that an unsustainable way to travel? Not for Sara and Matt Janssen, who converted their RV into a green motor home. The pair sold their house and has been…