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How to Rave it Up in Rio de Janeiro

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Winter in the Northern Hemisphere is a summer blessing in Rio de Janeiro, with its steamy Christmas and New Year’s, known as Réveillon, and the world’s most famous party, Carnival. Here’s how to celebrate in style amid miles of glittering beaches and flower-lined streets in one of South America’s most sensual cities.

One Night in Samba City

Bottle the pheromones in Rio de Janeiro during carnival, and you’ll become a billionaire overnight.

It’s no surprise that the heart of carnival pumps faster in Rio than it does anywhere else in the world. In a city of seismic social disparities, it’s the one time of year when it doesn’t matter if you measure out your wages in handfuls of beans or if you live in the most expensive gated estate in the Southern Hemisphere. Instead, it’s how many kisses you steal in a night and how many samba steps you squeeze into a second that count.