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Elusive used to be F. Christmas’s middle name. He was conjured by children, with the help of the obligatory glass of sherry, mince pies and carrots–at least in the U.K.–and the understanding that they had been good enough to deserve the latest Xbox. Now, NORAD keeps us apprised of Santa’s every move each year. But for those who are keen to meet the man in person, here are three places to go on the hunt for Father Christmas.

Urban Insider Annie Fitzsimmons gets into the holiday spirit at Budapest’s famed Christmas Market.

Sinterklaas and Santa Claus: An Ocean Apart

Contributing writer Cathy Healy was in Amsterdam this year to see some of the festivities that surround the arrival of Sinterklaas – or the Dutch Santa Claus. If you’re naughty, not nice in the Netherlands, Santa’s helpers will stuff you in a sack and take you back to Spain. This is a threat? A free…