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Airstreaming the Pacific Coast Highway

A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to embrace a different kind of travel. Despite having spent two decades traversing more than 100 countries in all manner of ways, I had never been in an RV. And yet, hitting the road in one of these self-contained mobile domiciles is exactly how thousands of fellow travelers see the world. What was I missing?

Worry-Free Santa Monica

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While I have an unabashed appreciation for all things Los Angeles, it’s carefree Santa Monica that hooks me every time. I don’t worry about what I’m eating, what I’m breathing, or about the carbon footprint I’m leaving behind when I’m in in Santa Monica, where sustainability and organic, healthy living are top of mind.

The City of Angels by Bike

L.A. is defined by choked traffic and smog, a car-centric place that inspires a headache in people even before they get behind the wheel, right? That’s exactly why the city decided to show locals and tourists alike that there’s another way to explore the City of Angels.

The Best of Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Pier evokes nostalgia for me, but it’s the cross between urban culture and SoCal cool that keeps me coming back. Somehow, even on the hottest of days, there always seems to be a breeze that promises excitement.

I Heart My City: Shira’s Los Angeles

Shira Lazar is the host and executive producer of the interactive show and 24/7 news hub, “What’s Trending” (check out the live show Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. PST/1:00 p.m. EST), and good friends with the Good Traveler Aric S. Queen, who will be hitting L.A. later this week. Here are Shira’s picks for what to see and do in La La Land.

The Radar: Best of Santa Monica, What to Do When Stranded, Hotel Deals for Baseball Fans

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Stay active in Santa Monica this summer: rent a bike, take surf lessons, or explore one of the more than 80 trails in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. [Dabble Mag] The summer travel season has officially begun, which means crowded airports and the occasional flight cancellation. Here are a few tips to deal…

Strange Planet: America’s Best Bathrooms

Traveler intern Daniel Bortz hates having to scour for a safe, clean restroom. Luckily a new list of America’s top ten helps solve that problem, offering more from a bathroom than ever imagined. When ya gotta go, you might as well flush with class. And comfort. And style. In a time of need, a quality…

The Real Southern California: You’ll Like Santa Monica’s Curves

National Geographic Traveler columnist Christopher Elliott is trekking through the Los Angeles area with his family in search of the real Southern California. This is his fifth dispatch; read the previous one here. Can anyone write about Santa Monica, California, without bringing up the pier, or the beach, or at the very least, politics? Not…