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The Living Savannah

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Whenever folks hear I’m from Savannah, they want to know if it’s still the same as it was in John Berendt’s best-selling “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” They wonder, does the city still have the book’s romance—the mad artists, the oppressive beauty, the fever dreams of blood and passion?

I tell them, well, not if you just stay downtown.

Nat Geo Travel Staff’s 2014 Bucket List

The staff at National Geographic Travel is always criss-crossing the globe to uncover the best and the brightest places, but we have travel wish lists just like everyone else. Here’s where we want to go in 2014 and why.

Event-o-Rama: 12 Must-Dos in March

There are some amazing events on tap all over the world, all the time. Here’s a taste of what you can see and do in March…

Skip Paula Deen. Go for the Good Stuff

Stroll down Savannah’s picturesque Jones Street any morning around 10:30 and you’ll see a line beginning to form outside a gorgeous old home called Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room.

Starfish Cafe: Southern Regeneration

“Hi, this is Aric – I’m either unavailable, or I’m avoiding someone. Leave me a message, and if I don’t call back… it was you.”

“Hi, Aric – this is Paul, returning your call. Hope you’re not avoiding too many people. You might miss a few who are worth it. Call me back when you can.”

Look Ma, No Hands: Savannah from a Bicycle

If I’m being honest — totally honest — I’ll admit to liking Savannah just a bit more than I liked Charleston. Less people, less fuss, less care, less… well, children. “People don’t discriminate by race here,” a new friend of mine said. “But they do by the square you live near.”

The Gullah: A Disappearing Culture

Everyone’s heard of Brer Rabbit. Everyone knows the song “Kumbaya.” And everyone has cooked a “one-pot meal” at some point in their life. So why do so few of us know about the Gullah – the people who gave us things like these? That’s the question many people with Gullah heritage — descendants of slaves brought from West Africa to the “Rice Coast” in the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry — are asking. Bill Green, the owner of Gullah Grub in Saint Helena Island, South Carolina, is one of them.

I Heart My City: Gaby’s Savannah

Photojournalist Gaby Varela is currently based in Boston, but before that the former Traveler photo intern lived in Savannah off and on for six years. She says Savannah offers the best of city living and small town charm all in one package with its vibrant art scene, close-knit community, and air of mystery. And if you’re an out-of-towner,…

Sweet on Savannah: Traveling with Kids

Savannah is known for its sultry weather, legendary squares and TV chefs with oversized personalities. But take the kids to America’s first planned city, and you’ll see this place from a completely different perspective. It helps to visit during a cold snap in early February. The last time we’d been in town, before kids, it…

Sidewalk Chalk-in’ Savannah

On April 24th, the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) kicks off their 30th Sidewalk Arts Festival in Savannah’s historic Forsyth Park, adding an entire new palette of colors to the springtime botanical bliss of azaleas and lilies. If sidewalk chalk viewing doesn’t sound like the highbrow art experience you have in mind, let…

Georgia on My Mind

After a lovely long Labor Day weekend, I’m back at my desk and wishing I was still on the beach at Tybee Island, Georgia. I headed down south to Savannah and Tybee this past weekend and relied heavily on your picks, so thanks to all those of you who submitted them. They were, as always,…

Plan My Trip: Savannah and Tybee Island

As Labor Day weekend approaches, Traveler staffers are fanning across the country for their end-of-summer getaways. IT editor Janelle Nanos has Georgia on her mind. I’m meeting up with my extended family in Georgia this weekend, splitting my time between Savannah and Tybee Island, so I’m looking for suggestions on what not to miss. What…