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Paradise Lost and Found in Northern Kenya

In 1921, Osa Johnson, and her husband, Martin, both natives of Kansas, took off for faraway East Africa determined to document on film a land they know almost nothing about. Following up on an insider tip, the couple crossed the Kaisut Desert in search of a lake “nobody knows about.” Nearly a century later, writer David Lansing and photographer Pete McBride trekked out to the wilds of northern Kenya to see if it was still there.

How to Save Africa’s Elephants

Since 2007, the illegal ivory trade has more than doubled. If the massacres do not stop, our children could be the last generation to see an African elephant in the wild. As travelers, we can — and must — do something about it. Here are the crucial actions to take.

Save the Elephants: How You Can Help

We were sorry to learn recently that the riverside research station of Iain Douglas-Hamilton, of Save the Elephants, in northern Kenya, was destroyed on the morning of March 4, 2010 by a flash flood, which resulted from a storm several miles upstream. Save the Elephants is an organization, that, as its name indicates, works to…