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Travel Lens: Ocean Hero Enric Sala

More than five years ago, Enric Sala left a tenured position at prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography and showed up at Nat Geo’s doorstep to outline his vision for protecting the last wild places in the ocean. Today, with support from the Society, the audacious marine ecologist remains the driving force behind the Pristine Seas Project, an epic effort to establish marine reserves–underwater national parks–around the world. I recently got the chance to chat with Sala about his hometown in Catalonia, his favorite place to scuba dive, and more. Here’s what he had to say.

Monterey Bay: Tip to Tip

I had to do a few things before leaving Monterey Bay: 1) go diving in Monterey Canyon and 2) see the brand-spanking-new National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center on the other side of the bay.

The Radar: $100 Weekend in Melbourne, How to be an Expert iVideographer, SCUBA in Honduras

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Where’s Andrew? Diving The Great Barrier Reef

Just like Texas, everything in Australia is bigger. So far on my travels through Oz, I’ve seen giant waves, giant kangaroos, giant trucks, giant floods, and one giant cow. Best of all, I got to visit one giant reef–the largest coral reef in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is both physically and mentally monumental:…

Dive, Pray, Love

This week, we asked some of our female writers to explore how the themes of “Eat Pray Love” have played out in their own travels. Today, Associate Editor Amy Alipio writes of how her first time scuba dive became a spiritual experience. On a trip to Curaçao, I signed up for an entry-level scuba certification…