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Best Summer Trips: @NatGeoTravel Twitter Chat

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Looking for a little summer travel inspiration? Join @NatGeoTravel and Traveler magazine’s Susan O’Keefe for a Twitter chat on Wednesday, May 20, from 1 to 2 p.m. EDT to get the scoop on the best places to visit this season.

Stargazing in Sedona

I had heard that stargazing could be therapeutic, and that the awe it inspired could act as a salve for painful past experiences. But as I stared up at the distant galaxies, I was inching toward being a believer.

Photos: Where You Went

Our jet-setting friends on Facebook never fail to impress us with their far-flung escapades. Here’s a taste of the places you and your fellow gallivanters have visited lately. If you haven’t found National Geographic Traveler magazine on Facebook yet, please join us. Be sure to let us know where you’re off to each Friday, or just poke around for inspiration as you plan your next trip.

Spring Break Arizona, Part 2: Off the Beaten Path

There’s an axiom our family tries to live by when traveling that makes perfectly good sense in theory, but is often hard to stick to: “Less is More.” The idea is to spend more time in one location rather than rushing around from place to place trying to see and do it all. When adhered…

Enchanted Sedona

Margie Goldsmith heads to Arizona in search of a vortex. I have always been skeptical of New Age miracles, including the concept known as a vortex–a location said to be  exceptionally alive with an energy flow that amplifies people’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness. So when I chose to spend a few days de-stressing…