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The Jazz Capital of West Africa

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Riverboats, wrought iron balconies, Creole culture, a famous jazz fest, and flamboyance in the face of hardship. Where else could this describe but … Saint-Louis, Senegal?

I Heart My City: Rachael’s Dakar, Senegal

Welcome to another Wednesday edition of I Heart My City! Today Rachael Cullins of the Girl, Guy, Globe blog writes to us from Dakar, Senegal where she’s living the expat life with her husband and their two dogs. Get Rachael’s insider tips to this West African capital, then tell us about your own insider spots.…

An Eco-Tree House in Senegal

Julie Falconer reports from a recent visit to Senegal, where she was able to experience their burgeoning ecotourism industry firsthand. As I pulled up to Les Collines de Niassam, I was struck by one thing: the tree houses. Perched high in the branches of centuries-old baobab trees, the wooden chalets-in-the-air were the top floors of…

Rescuing Baby Chimps: Just Another Day at NG

Sometimes I wonder if to the outside world, the National Geographic Society seems like a big huge entity that all somehow fits inside a large yellow rectangle. Our research and scope is so large that it can be hard to imagine things on a personal, smaller scale. So I wanted to be sure that I…