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American Anthem: Baltimore

As America commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it seems more than appropriate to celebrate the events that made that independence real. While Washington, D.C., may be the capital of the U.S., her sister city to the north, Baltimore, is the capital of American patriotism.

The City of Angels by Bike

L.A. is defined by choked traffic and smog, a car-centric place that inspires a headache in people even before they get behind the wheel, right? That’s exactly why the city decided to show locals and tourists alike that there’s another way to explore the City of Angels.

I Heart My City (in the Summer)

The first official day of summer is on Friday (for the northern half of the world, at least), so we thought we’d kick it off right: with a special edition of I Heart My City.

Packing Tips for Healthy Road Trips

This was the first wellness-focused road trip I’d ever taken, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how the experience would differ from past trips — especially from my first Curious Traveler road adventure. Eventually, I got my head on straight and thought about what I might really need. In the end, here’s what made the cut.

Stargazing in Sedona

I had heard that stargazing could be therapeutic, and that the awe it inspired could act as a salve for painful past experiences. But as I stared up at the distant galaxies, I was inching toward being a believer.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Sequoia Style

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I had heard about a grove of trees within the Giant Forest that had been dedicated to National Geographic a long way back. So, to commemorate the Society’s 125th anniversary and to pay homage to an organization that has added so much to my life, I was on a mission to track it down.

YOLO in Yosemite

“We’re all native to this planet, but we’ve made a mess of it by using our intelligence very unintelligently,” Ron Kauk said, as El Capitan towered over us. “It’s just mind boggling how we’ve managed to damage our own home,” he continued — not with condemnation, but a sincere concern for life in all its forms.

Zenned Out on Lake Tahoe

I’d never tried stand-up paddleboard yoga or hot yoga despite their growing popularity — and Mountain Lotus Yoga Studio on Lake Tahoe’s western shore happened to offer both. The only catch was, it usually didn’t offer SUP yoga on the lake until June, when summer had begun to take hold. And I would soon find out why…

East-West Fusion Under the Golden Gate

The “medi-spa” concept on display at Cavallo Point is relatively new. But over the past ten years, the approach has been catching on as spas work to cater to clients who are seeking a more comprehensive path to wellness. And who can dispute the fact that being ushered into the calming ambiance of a spa is more enjoyable than a sterile old doctor’s office?

Beyond Farm to Table in Carmel

A pregnant doe munched on lavender bushes as I rolled into Carmel Valley Ranch, a 500-acre property in the heart of California’s central coast. After checking into one of the modish earth-toned guest suites and walking through a pool area where families sat around a fire roasting marshmallows, I felt completely transported back to my days at summer camp.

Scent-sual Escapism in Ojai

It’s always a relief to make it through Los Angeles when you’re en route from San Diego. But just a few miles farther down the road in a little town called Ojai, I had even more reason to exhale deeply.

It’s Go Time!

What does wellness mean? How do you get there? That’s exactly what I’ll be exploring as I travel the Southwest in search of places that embody and embrace this way of living.