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Empires of the Silk Road

When I arrived in Kyrgyzstan, I wanted to see what remained of the Silk Road that snaked through that spiky Central Asian country for centuries, bridging the vastness of Asia and the West with caravans bearing silk, gems, and spices. Here’s what I found.

Emerging ‘It’ Place: Kyrgyzstan

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Landlocked, hidden behind the empty steppes of Kazakhstan and western China, and guarded by the dizzying peaks of the Tien Shan and Pamir ranges, Kyrgyzstan backs up its enigmatic reputation with formidable geography. But lately the nation’s veil has begun to lift. Here’s why this Central Asian country–whose allure is Silk Road heritage, not urban grandeur–is ready for take off.

Mummies Provoke Controversy at UPenn Museum

In our January-February edition of Traveler 20– a round-up of travel-worthy happenings taking place around the globe– we profiled the upcoming mummy exhibit “The Secrets of the Silk Road,” set to run from February 5th through June 5th at the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology. Yesterday, the Washington Post reported a sad…

Take the Silk Road to Philly

Beginning this Friday, February 18, for a very limited time, there will be an exhibit of remarkable Silk Road treasures (including some extremely well preserved and somewhat controversial mummies) making an exclusive East Coast stop at the Penn Museum of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Called Secrets of the Silk Road, the exhibit will…