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#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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7 Steps to Becoming a More Sustainable Traveler

In the course of my travels—and my career as a promoter and practitioner of sustainable tourism—one question comes up again and again: “What can I do to be a more responsible traveler?” So I thought I’d pen a primer. Here are seven things globetrotters can do to lessen their impact on the planet.

Traveling Slow in Costa Rica

When a friend invited me to her wedding in Costa Rica, I was ecstatic. But a few things happened between booking my flight and take-off. Life got busy. My guidebooks remained stacked—unopened—neatly on my desk. I made a reservation at an eco lodge in the Guanacaste region, on the country’s Pacific coast, but had no time to look into the activities it had to offer or the must-see sites around town. So when my flight took off, I had no plan. Little did I know I was an unwitting participant in the “slow travel movement.”

The Radar: Escape the Daily Grind, Websites Connect Travelers, Travel for Turtle Conservation

Looking for an escape from the daily grind? Take it slow, and you’ll avoid needing a vacation from your vacation. Destinations like Cosenza (Italy), Havana (Cuba), and Siwa (Egypt) are sure to give you that back-in-time feeling you need to wind down from the modern world. [Lonely Plaanet] Websites like Couchsurfing.org have changed the way…

Save Gas: Fly Slower

We have a thing for slow travel, but until now, we didn’t really think it could effectively involve planes. But that might change: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) recently announced that, in an attempt to cut its carbon emissions and reduce their gas expenses, they’ve opted to fly slower. Reuters reports: SAS said on Tuesday it has…