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Just Back: Maui

National Geographic’s Andy Coleman and his wife have a tradition of traveling to Maui once a year. “It’s the one vacation destination where we don’t have anything planned, except for a place to stay,” he says. “We wake up each morning in a tropical paradise and let the day play out.” Here are some of the high points of Andy’s trip, in his own words.

Adventure 101: Great Barrier Reef

“Immersing yourself in the Great Barrier Reef is the best way to see how fragile it is,” says Ben Southall, who has served as the reef’s honorary “caretaker of islands” and retraced Captain Cook’s route of discovery there, by kayak. Approximately one million visitors dive or snorkel the the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world each year. “It’s the vastness and marine life that draws people in,” says Southall. Here are a few tips to get started if experiencing Queensland’s greatest treasure is on your travel list this year.

Joy of the Jellies

First, one golden jellyfish emerged from the milky turquoise water and glided by. More appeared in the distance and then a dozen propeled themselves in graceful pulses all around me, their diaphanous bells contracting and releasing. Then hundreds appeared. Fleets of curious spaceships, some indifferent, others getting closer, seemingly curious to check out a giant visitor– me. (Photo: Tomas Kotouc/My Shot)

Snorkeling for Roman Ruins

By Barbara A. Noe In Italy, Roman ruins sprinkle the landscape like Parmesan cheese on pasta. In a twist of the typical, terrestrial way to see them, I recently donned a snorkel mask and fins on the Bay of Naples. Heading out in a Zodiac some 400 yards off the coast of Pozzuoli, six miles north of…