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She-crab soup might not look like much. But the history of this bisque-chowder hybrid is as rich as that of the city from which it hails.

South Carolina’s Charleston offers a kid-pleasing combination of history and fun. Here’s a look at four ways to enjoy some quality family time in this charming Southern city.

At times on Kiawah Island, I wondered if I was in South Carolina or the marshlands of Botswana. A mere 20 miles south of Charleston, Kiawah is a beachy paradise with all the essential resort elements — like cool cocktails and a phenomenal spa. But not every asset is manmade.

As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, traveling is part of the job for Barrett Caldwell. While he spends half the year criss-crossing the globe and soaking up other cultures, he’ll never outgrow his fondness for his hometown, Charleston, South Carolina. Here are a few of his favorite things about this southern charmer.

My girlfriend, Jenny, and I decided to escape the creeping New England cold by heading south on a road trip that would combine the travel ingredients we like best: a sprinkling of history, a heaping portion of outdoor adventure, and plenty of food.

Boat-to-Plate Carolina Shrimp

Friends don’t let friends eat imported shrimp, declares the ubiquitous bumper sticker in coastal South Carolina, where the shrimping industry is threatened by cheap farm-raised imports. One bite of the native crustaceans and you’ll know why. They’re sweet, briny, and firm, but they rarely make it beyond local seafood purveyors. This guide will tell you how — and where — to get your hands on some fresh Carolina shrimp.

Low-Brow Low-Country Cuisine

National Geographic Traveler’s creative director, Jerry Sealy, took the magazine’s advice, making the trek out to Pawleys Island to go on one of the “Best Summer Trips.” While there are plenty of top-tier restaurants in the South Carolina Lowcountry, you can find great eats for dirt cheap, too. Here are Jerry’s picks for the best of low-brow Lowcountry cuisine.

Everyone’s heard of Brer Rabbit. Everyone knows the song “Kumbaya.” And everyone has cooked a “one-pot meal” at some point in their life. So why do so few of us know about the Gullah – the people who gave us things like these? That’s the question many people with Gullah heritage — descendants of slaves brought from West Africa to the “Rice Coast” in the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry — are asking. Bill Green, the owner of Gullah Grub in Saint Helena Island, South Carolina, is one of them.

Comments Off on Karmic Charleston: Laura the Librarian

After spending a day at Fields to Families — a Charleston charity that collects fresh produce from farmers and distributes it to the needy — volunteer coordinator Tina Arnold pulled me aside and said, “If you really want to meet someone doing good things, you should go to the soup kitchen here and ask to meet “The Librarian.” That’s all she said, but I could tell by the look on her face that everything would be explained to me once I got there.

Charleston in Black+White

Oh, how I wished for nine days to walk around with a camera. But what I got was about an hour. So what you get are a few quick snaps from my iPhone. They won’t blow you away, but hopefully they’ll add to your ongoing list of reasons to visit Charleston.  

Savannah is known for its sultry weather, legendary squares and TV chefs with oversized personalities. But take the kids to America’s first planned city, and you’ll see this place from a completely different perspective. It helps to visit during a cold snap in early February. The last time we’d been in town, before kids, it…

The World’s Best Beaches

Adding fuel to our spring fever, TripAdvisor just announced the winners of its inaugural 2011 Travelers’ Choice Beach Awards. Based on travelers’ TripAdvisor reviews, the best beach in the world is, drum roll please… Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos. The awards recognize the top beaches in the world and in the U.S. Myrtle Beach,…

Hotels editor Susan O’Keefe is just back from a weekend with her girlfriends in Charleston. Charleston packs a punch for a girls weekend getaway. With its eclectic dining scene, chic shops and galleries, and its walkable streets filled with historic homes and English-inspired gardens, the city charms visitors with old-fashioned Southern hospitality. What’s more, Southwest…

Charleston Charms

Thanks to all those of you who offered up suggestions for my Labor Day trip down to Charleston, South Carolina. Here are some of the highlights from my visit: Cruising through Charleston with the dog in the front seat. That’s me in the mirror, taking the picture. There is perhaps no better way to see…

Plan My Trip: Charleston

Ok gang, it’s time again for another round of Plan My Trip. I’m doing the drive down to Charleston, South Carolina this weekend to see family, and it’s my first time visiting the fine city. Now, I have to admit I’ve been briefed by Andrew Nelson, our contributing writer, who wrote the Insider’s Charleston piece…

Hi there city-lovers! Today we’re bringing you the Southern charms of Charleston, South Carolina with the help of Currie McCollough. Want to see your city on IT? Copy and paste our list of fill-in-the-blank questions into an e-mail, fill in your answers, and send your responses to IntelligentTravel@ngs.org. And if you’re still waiting for us…