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#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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The Radar–the best of the travel blogosphere–is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every other Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTravel and tag your favorite travel stories #NGTRadar to help us find the crème de la crème on the Web. Here are our latest picks.

Antarctica Comes Alive: Wednesday, 4/11

Ever wonder what it’s like in the coldest place on Earth? You’re about to find out. Zip up your parka and get ready to take a free virtual journey to Antarctica with us this Wednesday, April 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Register today! National Geographic Expedition’s expert Ice Team will show you the best this mysterious, untrammeled continent has…

Bus2Antarctia: South Georgia Splendor

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Andrew Evans is back from Antarctica, but he’s still blogging for us here at Intelligent Travel. Today he details the bleak, inhospitable conditions he found in the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia. If you haven’t figured it out yet–I like really remote places. Barren, bleak, far flung–the less accessible, the better. You’d think Antarctica…

Bus2Antarctica Video: The Rare Black Penguin

Antarctica’s South Georgia Island has a population of several million penguins. I know that for a fact because I think I took that many pictures of them. One of those penguins happened to be black–all black–and perhaps you noticed, that one penguin’s been getting a bit of attention lately. Several people have asked if I…