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Just Back: Queenstown, New Zealand

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National Geographic Creative photographer Jill Schneider (on Instagram @jillhsphotography) teaches travel photography to high school students as a National Geographic Student Expeditions trip leader. She recently returned from Queenstown, a resort town on New Zealand’s South Island known as the “Adventure Capital of the World.” Here are some of the highlights from Jill’s trip, in her own words: Biggest selling…

Affordable New Zealand: Family Style

National Geographic Traveler columnist Heather Greenwood Davis is the magazine’s family travel advocate, guru, and soothsayer. Here’s her latest advice.

Oh, the Places Nat Geo Goes

When you work at National Geographic, one of the first questions people ask is if you get to travel. The answer is often yes, but one of the best parts of the job is being surrounded by sharp, globe-trotting people, and getting to hear their stories. That’s why we asked folks on National Geographic’s Travel team to share a story about the best trip they’ve taken in the past year with our Intelligent Travel readers.

The Place: Christchurch, New Zealand

Two years ago, a series of massive earthquakes shook Christchurch, New Zealand, to its spine, folding its central business district into a cordoned-off red zone. But even as the historic gateway to the South Island readies for a years-long rebuild, a spirit of innovation is rising out of the rubble to shake things up for good.

#FriFotos: Sit Down

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Want to see one of your photos featured on our website or blog? Make it happen by uploading your favorite travel pics (don’t forget to add a caption!) to ngm.com/yourshot. Tag all your submissions #travelshot – then look for your photos in one of our My Shot galleries or on the Intelligent Travel blog.

Caravaning Kiwiland

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rent a campervan and go exploring New Zealand’s spectacular scenery, stopping for the night wherever you like?  The editors at National Geographic Traveler did, so we sent former researcher Carrie Miller off on an adventure on the South Island. We published her story in our…

Strange Planet: Knickers in New Zealand

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Kiwis love their fences. And even more, they love decorating fences with unwanted articles of clothing. The most interesting fence is the Cardrona Bra Fence, which has been a controversial tourist attraction in the Central Otago district on New Zealand’s South Island since 1999. Until recently, hundreds of bras lined this fence near Wanaka, a…