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Before the Mayflower: ‘America’s Birthplace’

The Archaearium at Historic Jamestowne is all about reality, warts and all. Some of the museum’s exhibits feature relics that shed light on the darkest moments of the settlement’s early days–including the skeletal remains of “Jane,” which many believe proved that the colonists resorted to cannibalism in the winter of 1609. After viewing the skull, which had been found, discarded carelessly in a cellar, in 2013, I was told it was “clear from the beginning that she was processed to be eaten.”

Los Cabos: A Window to Paradise

When I landed in Los Cabos, I almost immediately started daydreaming. You will too, if you come here. It’s rare that I arrive at a destination and start planning my return trip. Cabo hooked me in an hour. Here’s why.

Why Wallonia: Belgium’s Unexpected Delight

Most people who travel through Belgium make a stop in the northern city of Bruges, but it felt a bit too much like Disneyland to me. Instead, I stumbled upon a hidden travel gem in Wallonia, the southern, mostly French-speaking half of the nation.

Spa Monkeys

So, opposable thumbs aside, we have more in common with the Japanese Snow Monkey than previously thought. Perched high in the Japanese Alps, in the village of Jigokudani, is a tranquil retreat for anyone needing some well-deserved R&R. At the Korakukan Inn, visitors can ease into natural hot springs and let the curing waters do…

Checking In: The Hotel Hershey Turns 75

Associate Editor Susan O’Keefe caught up with Brian O’Day, the general manager of The Hotel Hershey, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and is still as sweet as ever.      The Hotel Hershey when it opened in 1933, and the hotel today. Hi Brian, Congratulations on Hershey Hotel’s 75th anniversary. We’ve all…

A Japanese Spa for Winos

For every swimmer who can relate to the unpleasantness of swallowing a mouthful of chlorine water, a hot springs spa in Hakone, Japan, has devised a unique solution: the headline-grabbing new Beaujolais Nouveau wine spa, complete with a 3.6-meter-tall wine bottle that sporadically pours the recently released trendy red into a pool filled with wine-loving…

Manhattan’s Old World Spa Treatment

Tired of expensive, trendy spa treatments and ready for some old world pampering? New York City’s Russian Turkish Baths has been providing an authentic escape on East 10th Street for well over 100 years. As IT discovered firsthand, this experience is not for the faint of heart. Check your inhibitions at the locker room, along…