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#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

The Radar–the best of the travel blogosphere–is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every other Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTravel and tag your favorite travel stories #NGTRadar to help us find the crème de la crème on the Web. Here are our latest picks.

Streetcars, Desired

Streetcars are sometimes typecast as old-fashioned conveyances, but they’re making encore appearances in cities around the world.

Strange Planet: America’s Best Bathrooms

Traveler intern Daniel Bortz hates having to scour for a safe, clean restroom. Luckily a new list of America’s top ten helps solve that problem, offering more from a bathroom than ever imagined. When ya gotta go, you might as well flush with class. And comfort. And style. In a time of need, a quality…

I Heart My City: Sara’s St. Louis, Missouri

Hey there, city-lovers! St. Louis, Missouri, is often overshadowed by other Midwest metropolises like Chicago, but Sara Arnold tells us why the Gateway to the West is a must-visit. Want to see your city on IT? Copy and paste our list of fill-in-the-blank questions into an e-mail, fill in your answers, and send your responses…

St. Louis’s Toasted Treat

Many people have heard the story of how ice cream cones came to be. For those who haven’t (shame on you), the invention of ice cream cones is widely credited to a pastry chef at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, who bent his waffles into cone shapes and gave them to an…