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Five Ways to Drink Coffee Around the World

Will travel for caffeine? Here’s where to get a coffee buzz across the globe.

I Heart My City: Lars’s Stockholm

Lars Linderoth, who moved to Stockholm in 2000, credits his natural curiosity with helping him to uncover the Swedish capital’s local secrets. “[I] never stop exploring—not on the road, not when I’m in my hometown,” he says. “There is always something to see.” Now a full-blown local, but no less thrilled with his home base, Lars shares his love for Stockholm by blogging about his favorite finds on Spotted by Locals. Here are some of the highlights.

#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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The Radar–the best of the travel blogosphere–is a regular feature on Intelligent Travel every other Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTravel and tag your favorite travel stories #NGTRadar to help us find the crème de la crème on the Web. Here are our latest picks.

Pitch-Perfect Museums

From Nashville to Stockholm, museums are paying tribute to local music legends through interactive exhibitions and rare memorabilia. Here are four groupie-pleasing galleries and what they have on tap this fall.

I Heart My City (in the Summer)

The first official day of summer is tomorrow (for the northern half of the world, at least), so we thought we’d kick it off right: with a special edition of I Heart My City. Here are 20 quintessential summer must-dos from past I Heart contributors all around the globe.

Stockholm’s Rooftop Tours

Former Traveler photo intern JT Blatty has been spending time in Stockholm, and went out looking to get a new perspective. Read her recent posts on Sweden’s parks and natural foods. On December 16th, the Swedish tour company Upplev Mer will host the grand opening of Roof Tours By Night: The Dark Secrets of Stockholm,…

A Taste of Scandinavia

When National Geographic Mission Projects Editor Hannah Bloch commented on a recent post about bacon-wrapped hotdogs she found in Copenhagen, we asked her to elaborate, and she provided a veritable buffet of Scandinavian treats. Food is always a central part of my travels, but even by my own gluttonous standards, Scandinavia took the cake. Or…

I Heart My City: Lola’s Stockholm

Hello city-lovers! Today’s city is Stockholm, Sweden. Photographer and travel writer Lola Akinmade has been shuttling between Stockholm and the States for the last couple of years, and is still discovering the cool nooks and crannies of this gorgeous cosmopolitan Scandinavian city. Stockholm is My City The first place I take a visitor from out…

How Is Your City Feeling?

We can’t help but think that Eric Weiner’s research for his new book, The Geography of Bliss, would have gone a lot easier if he’d paired up with Erik Krikortz, the installation artist behind Stockholm’s Emotional Cities project. The Internet-based artwork asks people to answer a simple question: “How Are You Today?” and rate their…

Baby, You’re Electric!

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The next time you’re shoulder-to-shoulder on the subway, in a bus terminal, or on an airplane, don’t get too aggravated — that heat leaving your body (and your neighbors’) may be the next source of renewable energy. A Swedish state-owned company, Jernhuset, has found a way to harness the energy produced by the 250,000 bodies…