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In Search of Sustainable Travel

In the 1980s, ecotourism—driven by a deep conservation and environmental ethic—focused on remote jungle lodges, nature treks, and the like. It was well-meaning and maybe appropriate to the time, but dwelled on the fringes of a largely uninterested mainstream travel industry. At Traveler we observed this and felt a broader approach, around sustainable tourism, would…

Brazil’s Nature-Made Star: Bonito

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It’s not easy to get out from under the shadow of a place like Brazil’s Pantanal—a natural wetland bigger than England and home to a biodiversity bonanza of such rare species as the tapir and the jaguar. Yet the town of Bonito, on the Pantanal’s border, is emerging as one of Brazil’s favorite adventure outposts­.

7 Steps to Becoming a More Sustainable Traveler

In the course of my travels—and my career as a promoter and practitioner of sustainable tourism—one question comes up again and again: “What can I do to be a more responsible traveler?” So I thought I’d pen a primer. Here are seven things globetrotters can do to lessen their impact on the planet.

The Green President

Almost exactly one year ago, I sat with President Nasheed of the Maldives in the shade of coconut palms on the blue lagoon island of Soneva Fushi, where the sustainable tourism resort group Six Senses was founded in 1995. I listened intently as he explained his vision of the Maldives becoming the world’s first fossil…

Slow Life in the Maldives

Today I find myself back in the Maldives a year after I first met the nation’s President Nasheed– since dubbed “The Green President” for his steadfast efforts to lead this small island nation to become the world’s first carbon neutral country by 2020 (yes, fossil fuel free in eight years.) I’m sitting with a handful of sustainability leaders and…

Egypt’s Sustainable Sinai

While visiting Egypt’s Sinai region, it was hard for me to believe there was unrest anywhere in the country. Small, quiet towns dot the coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba which runs all the way south to the Red Sea. I stopped in the southern Sinai town of Nuweiba, population 20,000, where I found a simple way of life playing out in a laid back community where camels and goats lazily wander about. But behind this relaxed atmosphere lies a passionate movement to preserve the environment and culture of the region.

Turning Poachers into Conservationists in Rwanda

Molly Feltner is traveling through Africa, and shares how one group found a sustainable solution to help the impoverished residents who live alongside Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. In Rwanda, conservationists have discovered that you can’t protect species like mountain gorillas without also looking after the people who live around their habitat. And in the area…

Dubai Announces Sustainable Tourism Initiative

Ah Dubai, it seems every time we hear news about the fine city, it’s always some over-the-top project that aims to surpass some other over-the-top project announced last month. So I was glad to hear news that the latest idea to surface is a sustainable tourism initiative – the industry is taking steps to protect…