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I Heart My City: Sheilla’s Tel Aviv

Sheilla Safra Maler was raised in northern Israel, but always longed to return to her birthplace, Tel Aviv. Now that she’s made that dream a reality, Sheilla’s passion for the “White City” has only increased—so much so that she is currently in training to become a tour guide on top of her day job at a high-tech company. Here are a few of her favorite things about Tel Aviv.

#NGTRadar: Travel Lately

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An Insider’s Guide to Tel Aviv

For a relatively small city, Tel Aviv 
can sometimes feel like an overwhelming 
place, crowded with choices. The best way to get to know it is to focus on the small, independent places.

The Best of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s creative energy and global influence are on display everywhere you look, but the blending of old and new is also striking. In the growing Tel Aviv Port area, I could indulge my imagination by picturing the icons of history sailing the crashing waves, then indulge my appetite at Kitchen Market, a wholly modern destination for serious foodies.

Blogging Through Israel: Tel Aviv Markets

IT Editor Janelle Nanos is in Israel this week, and she’s (attempting to) blog when she has a few spare minutes. You can follow all of her posts here. I love fresh produce markets, and can often be found on weekends in Washington exploring the stalls of our Eastern Market neighborhood. But in Israel, the…

Plan My Trip: Blogging Through Israel

Late this Sunday night, I’m going to leave for a week to travel – and blog – through Israel. It’s my first time visiting both the country and the region, so while I’m eagerly anticipating my arrival, I’m also cramming a bit for my stay. So I thought I’d open things up to the blogosphere.…

Exploring Israel: What Would Jesus Eat?

Travel writer and guidebook author Andrew Evans has just returned from a trip to Israel, where his eating experiences were downright heavenly.  “Don’t eat too much bread” seems odd counsel coming from the guy who baked it, but Israeli chef Moshe Basson doesn’t want me filling up on carbs, no matter how great it tastes.…