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Dodging Danger on Hawaii’s Big Island

If you associate Hawaii with Mai Tais, luaus, and colorful shirts, you’ve probably never been to the Big Island. None of those cliches resonate on what we like to call the real Hawaii. Even though it’s one of the least-visited islands in the Aloha State, the Big Island (also known as Hawaiʻi Island) is far more exciting, and, at times, more dangerous.

Beyond the Cherry Trees: The Life and Times of Eliza Scidmore

By Jennifer Pocock, former assistant researcher at National Geographic Traveler magazine. The peak cherry tree bloom has already come and gone, carpeting the sidewalks of America’s capital city with a layer of pink and white petals. For the Japanese, this blossoming is a metaphor for life: a brief and brilliant burst, followed by a certain fall. Yet…

Predicting Tsunamis?

The world has certainly gotten smaller in some ways as global travel allows us access to more and more destinations. But just being able to get somewhere doesn’t mean we can control the weather, or the seismic activity. A powerful underwater earthquake struck the South Pacific on Tuesday, generating a devastating tsunami across the islands…

Tour Guide: Guerillas in the Midst

We’ve done a fair share of reporting about gorilla tours and the assorted conflicts they face, but we were interested to hear about guerilla-run tours offered by Aceh Explorer Adventure Tours, which delve into the long history of conflicts in the Aceh region of Indonesia. Aceh’s abundant natural resources of oil, gas, and timber were…