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Canada’s Ukrainian Capital

The homemade pierogi are spot-on and the borscht is rich with dill, just like in Ukraine. But the old country is thousands of miles away; I’m on a patch of Canadian prairie in Alberta, site of the biggest Ukrainian settlement outside of eastern Europe.

I Heart My City: Andrew’s Odessa

Before he took an epic bus trip to Antarctica, trekked across Australia, flew over Niagara Falls by helicopter, and spotted whales in Quebec, our Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans spent time in Odessa writing a guidebook to Ukraine. Here are Andrew’s insider tips to Odessa, Ukraine’s fourth largest city and one he describes as taking “New…

The Radar: Costa Brava’s Coastal Trails, Ukraine’s Wooden Churches, Free Dallas

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Recipe: Veselka’s Pierogi

Yesterday’s conversation with Tom Birchard of the Veselka Diner left us with a craving for pierogi. We asked him if he could spare a recipe from his new cookbook, and he happily passed it along. Potato Pierogi Makes 65 to 70 pierogi, 8 to 10 servings We never paid much attention to the whole low-carb…

The Veselka Cookbook

For more than 55 years, the Veselka Diner has been a neighborhood institution in New York’s East Village, serving up its famous borscht and pierogi 24 hours a day to teenage hipsters, artists, college students, and celebrities like Chloë Sevingy, Jon Stewart, Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker. This week, the diner’s owner, Tom Birchard,…

No Hotel at Kiev’s Holocaust Site

Today marks the 68th anniversary of the killings at Babi Yar, an atrocity in Kiev, Ukraine in which 33,700 Jews were rounded up and executed over two days by the Nazis. The site, at the edge of a ravine, has become a sacred place for the family members who survived the killings, and as of…