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13 Big Questions on the Future of Travel

In a world that’s constantly evolving, it’s important to ask big questions about the future of travel and how we’re changing our planet by exploring it en masse. That’s why we asked 13 luminaries in their spheres–from David Byrne and Richard Branson to Pico Iyer and Digital Nomad Andrew Evans–to tackle 13 subjects we think are worth talking about as we count down to 2014.

Trailing David Bowie

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If a life can be art, why can’t travel? As we brace for what comes next 40 years after Bowie famously retired his Ziggy Stardust persona on July 3, 1973, there’s no better way to uncover the man who sang about space, fame, and modern love than following in his footsteps.

The Final Frontier: Adventures in Space Tourism

A wedding in a space hotel that travels more than 17,000 miles an hour — with a view of Earth. Sky diving from space as an extreme sport. Cosmic yachts that offer Jacuzzis in space. These were just some of the possibilities raised at a recent Space Experience Economy seminar I attended in L.A. — By Lisa T.E. Sonne

Crashing A Space Station

When it comes down to it, I simply can’t pass up an adventure.

Especially when it involves a space station.

Virgin Galactic’s space station.