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When Travel Goes Wrong

Sometimes bad things happen to good people when they’re far away from home. That doesn’t mean they have to ruin your trip. As Ken Budd reminds us, it’s all about putting things in the proper perspective.

The Best of Intelligent Travel

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We publish new articles and stories all the time on Intelligent Travel, but there are a few that really got your attention last year. In case you missed them, here are the 15 most popular posts of 2015.

A Beginner’s Guide to Voluntourism

Not all volunteerism projects are created equal. But giving back when gallivanting around the globe can be one of the most rewarding experiences a traveler can hope for. If you’ve been kicking around the idea of joining the growing ranks of travelers volunteering around the world, here are five steps to help get you started.…

My Sustainable Travel Manifesto

Some people look for the pool. Others head to the concierge. Me? The very first thing I do when I arrive at a hotel is stand in the lobby and take a visual 360. Can I tell what country I’m in (or even what continent I’m on) from the décor, the staff uniforms, the architecture?…

DIY Voluntourism: A Manifesto

When I left home to travel around the world, I was driven by a desire to give back to the communities I encountered along the way. It’s been five years, and I’m still going. Over time, I’ve grown more and more convinced that the most positive way travelers can ethically and sustainably discover the developing world is through DIY voluntourism.

The Truth About Doing Good

A plethora of recently published articles have panned “voluntourism” as little more than salve for bleeding-heart rich folks. The problem is, it’s rarely that simple.

Circumnavigating Australia for a Good Cause

Voluntourism– a trip that incorporates community service like building a school, cleaning up a river, tagging endangered species in the Great Barrier Reef–is a popular phrase in travel’s vernacular. But in the world of do-good tourism, there’s a new player in the game: the traveling philanthropist. Sailer, conservationist, and adventurer Robert Pennicott may not refer to himself as one, but his latest adventure– Follow the Yellow Boat Road– is travel philanthropy at its finest.

The Radar: Escape the Daily Grind, Websites Connect Travelers, Travel for Turtle Conservation

Looking for an escape from the daily grind? Take it slow, and you’ll avoid needing a vacation from your vacation. Destinations like Cosenza (Italy), Havana (Cuba), and Siwa (Egypt) are sure to give you that back-in-time feeling you need to wind down from the modern world. [Lonely Plaanet] Websites like Couchsurfing.org have changed the way…

From the Killing Fields to a Future

Shelley Seale writes about a foundation in Siem Reap, Cambodia where tourism and education come together to offer a brighter future to local children.At the age of 14, Ponheary Ly died and came back to life. At least, that’s how she describes it. The year was 1977, and the Khmer Rouge was on its deadly…

The Jet-Set Life on Do-Gooder Budget

Contributing Blogger Cathy Healy clears her schedule every year so she can be sure to attend the International Education and Resource Network’s (iEARN) conference, an opportunity for educators to learn more about online storytelling and cultural exchange. BARRIE, Ontario — I arrived in this cool Canadian lakeside resort town near Toronto with educators from 40+…

Photo Story: Volunteer in Swaziland and Southeast Asia

Traveler intern Daniel Bortz talks with his cousin, who returned last month from volunteering in Swaziland and Southeast Asia, combing through photographs from his journey. Jordan Weitzman, a 25-year-old lifelong Baltimorean, left his Charm City roots behind in January to embark on a four-month adventure. A first-time global traveler, Weitzman ventured to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam,…

Volunteer with Pandas in China

Traveler intern Marley Gibbons shares the scoop on a new tour out of China. What better way to get to know China than through hanging out with its most iconic creatures? Planeterra, a non-profit that organizes trips for travelers interested in supporting development in the communities they visit, now offers an experience with a different…