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The Ultimate Digital Detox: Walking

The digital detox bandwagon is growing these days. People are increasingly looking for vacations that offer a break not just from the daily grind at home or at the office, but from their smartphones. Quick tip: It’s not about where you go. Once we reach a destination, we have to make the same decisions as we do back home. The real way to disconnect–wherever you happen to be–is what writer Rebecca Solnit calls “the most obvious and the most obscure thing in the world.”

Best Trick-or-Treat Cities

How does your city rank in the hierarchy of trick-or-treat? Which cities provide the most candy, with the least walking and safety risks? For the second year in a row, the real-estate website Zillow has picked the Top U.S. Cities for Trick-or-Treating, based on population density, walkability, and other key factors.  And the richer neighborhoods…