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The Ultimate Digital Detox: Walking

The digital detox bandwagon is growing these days. People are increasingly looking for vacations that offer a break not just from the daily grind at home or at the office, but from their smartphones. Quick tip: It’s not about where you go. Once we reach a destination, we have to make the same decisions as we do back home. The real way to disconnect–wherever you happen to be–is what writer Rebecca Solnit calls “the most obvious and the most obscure thing in the world.”

Walking A Ring Around Wales

With the new 870-mile All Wales Coast Path, which joins with the 177-mile Offa’s Dyke Path that runs north to south along the Anglo-Welsh border, “you can walk the shape of the nation for the first time,” says Jane Davidson, president of the Ramblers walking club in Wales.

Walking in a Walker’s Wonderland, in Brooklyn

In the spirit of the hyper-local, Daisann McLane gives you a personal guided day tour of her super-walkable neighborhood. All the following sights, eats and activities are within a 15 minute walk of her nearest subway station, the Q/B stop at 7th Avenue, Brooklyn.

Eco-Friendly Rio?

Jam-packed highways, crowded favelas [slums], and beaches crammed with tanned bodies– hardly the image of an eco-friendly environment. Ah, but Rio de Janeiro defies all expectations. This chaotic city is brimming with verdant green spaces and networked with myriad pedestrian paths. Jungle Jaunts Just minutes from Rio’s urban sprawl, Leslie, my guide from Crux Ecoaventura,…

Barefoot in the Park

Traveling on foot gets a whole lot more interesting when you’re barefoot…kind of. Amelia Mularz explains. I decided a few weeks ago that barefoot is the way to go. I had just finished reading Christopher McDougall’s new book, Born to Run, an account of the writer’s adventures with the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico’s Copper Canyon.…

Walking Taiwan

On the first of this year, National Geographic researcher Jeff Chen set off on a walk across the East Coast of Taiwan, an exploration he’s calling A Walk on my Ethnic Lines, to explore his multi-ethnic identity. For 260 miles over the span of three weeks, he’s been filming, photographing, audio recording and blogging his…