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The Radar: Travel Lately

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Food Fridays: How to Eat Chocolate

There might not be a right way to eat chocolate, but there may be a better way.

National Geographic’s Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans, recently met up with Swiss chocolate sage Michel Baud of Philippe Pascoët, who shared with him these five tips on how to maximize the chocolate experience.

Now we’re sharing them with you.

Where’s Andrew? Mustering Brumbies

“Is that photographer fella come yet?”/ “No.”/ “Do you know where he is?”/ “I think he’s coming tomorrow.”/”The American bloke?”/ “I dunno.”/ “Is the journalist guy with you?” Before I met any of the folks at Kings Creek, I listened to them all discuss my visit on the scratchy radio. On an outback station as…

Where’s Andrew? Diving The Great Barrier Reef

Just like Texas, everything in Australia is bigger. So far on my travels through Oz, I’ve seen giant waves, giant kangaroos, giant trucks, giant floods, and one giant cow. Best of all, I got to visit one giant reef–the largest coral reef in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is both physically and mentally monumental:…

Where’s Andrew? My First Kangaroo

Andrew Evans is traveling through Australia — sending us clues to his whereabouts — and discovering a newfound love of kangaroos. My first kangaroo was served to me on a plate in a pub, amidst a dense puddle of port wine reduction. I was horrified by the thought but despite the psychological trauma of eating…