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The Radar: Travel Lately

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The Radar: The top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTravel and tag your favorite travel stories with #NGTRadar. Check back on the blog each Wednesday for our Travel Lately roundup.

South Africa Flower Safari

Along the west coast of South Africa, a seemingly lifeless landscape is about to burst into bloom. As the winter rains begin to fall, millions of flowers appear as if by magic from the once-dry soil, carpeting the countryside in a blaze of color.

The Radar: Boho Berlin, Traditional Mexican, Kayak Safaris

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The Radar: The top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the Web #ngtradar. Check back on the blog for our roundups. Photograph by Matthew Kraus, Flickr.

Grizzly 399, Where Are You?

“We saw her with her cubs last night,” Taylor explained as he drove us out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and headed towards Grand Teton National Park. “Let’s find her then. Her and a moose!” I said, mustering all my energy, as this was the first time on my feet after a stomach bug had knocked me out for 24 hours.

Top 10 Animal Encounters

Where to have close-up encounters with some of the world’s most remarkable animals.

From the National Geographic book Secret Journeys of a Lifetime

Where’s Andrew? Chasing Alligators in Louisiana

What’s more fun than seeing a baby alligator? Getting to hold one! At least, that’s what our Digital Nomad Andrew Evans thought when he visited the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast recently.

Playing the Big Five Game in Zambia

If you’ve ever been on an African safari, you’ve probably heard of the “Big Five” game animals. Although I had heard of the term, I didn’t know that it was originally coined to refer to the most dangerous African game animals to hunt on foot. During my safari in Zambia I was happy to shoot…

Amazing Birds of Taiwan

Now you don’t have to travel to Taiwan to see some of its incredibly beautiful birds. Former Traveler researcher Emily Haile sends word that her Taiwanese photographer friends, John Soong and his partner Fish, will have their American debut at the Jadite Galleries in New York City; their photos will be on display from June…

Volunteer to Help Clean Up the Gulf Coast

UPDATE: Learn about more ways to help with the gulf oil spill at National Geographic’s Global Action Atlas. President Obama traveled to the Gulf Coast yesterday, and called the oil spill that is threatening the region a “massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster.” British Petroleum’s recovery crews spent the weekend fighting strong winds and surging…

Sailing Along the Amazon

National Geographic Traveler photographer Bob Krist has just returned from cruising down the Amazon and sends along this gallery. Spending a week onboard the ship La Amatista, a beautiful riverboat based on the design of those used by late 19th-century rubber barons, we explored one of the largest protected the wetlands in the world, the…

Maryland’s Waterfowl Festival

Easton, Maryland–located just inland from the Chesapeake Bay–is hosting its 39th annual Waterfowl Festival this weekend. From Friday, November 13th to Sunday, November 15th, visitors can attend the festival, which pays tribute to the annual migrating of Canada geese over the area. This small-town festival is surprisingly full of things to do, here are a…

Touring the Great Outdoors in NYC

For many tourists, especially first-timers, it’s the theaters, boutiques, restaurants, and museums of New York that are the city’s main draw. But if you also want to cover a bit more ground outdoors, John Rambow offers a few unusual, nature-oriented tours that will do the trick. Best of all, they’re all free. For the Birds:…