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Parks + Rec: RV-ing the American West

Over the years I’ve done most everything 
with my sons—jumped in puddles, ridden roller coasters, skied black-diamond slopes. I’ve always thought of myself as a “fun” mom. However, they’re becoming young men, and it’s harder for me to do what they do. As they continue to grow, my husband, Robb, and I know we don’t have much time left to travel with our boys before they head out into the world. Time for a classic American road trip, RV style.

The Radar: Travel Lately

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Grizzly 399, Where Are You?

“We saw her with her cubs last night,” Taylor explained as he drove us out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and headed towards Grand Teton National Park. “Let’s find her then. Her and a moose!” I said, mustering all my energy, as this was the first time on my feet after a stomach bug had knocked me out for 24 hours.

The Radar: A Stylish Weekend in Jackson Hole, Benefits of CouchSurfing, How To Use Pinterest for Travel

The Radar: Top travel news, stories, trends, and ideas from across the Web. Got Radar? Follow us on Twitter @NatGeoTraveler and tag your favorite travel stories from the Web #ngtradar. Check back the next day for our daily roundup.

Dig Your Own Fossils

The first annual National Fossil Day will be celebrated tomorrow, October 13, by the National Park Service and at fossil sites throughout the country. Jamie Pearson has the scoop on some of the best dig sites for kids. As a kid, I was obsessed with fossils. What kid isn’t? Which is why I took my…

Volunteering at Kindness Ranch

Former National Geographic Books editorial assistant Hunter Braithwaite spent his vacation helping former laboratory research animals in a Wyoming sanctuary. We wake at dawn to black coffee. A murderous sun will soon beat down. Vultures, wafting in the carrion breeze, cast the only shadows. In the distance is a persistant howling. But all is well on…

Fawning Over Wyoming’s Pronghorns

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Contributing Blogger Cathy Healy got the scoop from naturalist writer and artist Emilene Oslind on when, where, and how to watch pronghorn antelope in Wyoming this June. LARAMIE, Wyo. — Pronghorn fawns will make you laugh, promises Emilene Ostlind, a former natural history photography coordinator for National Geographic magazine. “Fawns have these little snub noses…

Wildlife Art From Rembrandt to Warhol

Contributing Blogger Cathy Healy chats with the curator of Wyoming’s National Museum of Wildlife Art. JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — The bronze elk stand alert at the snowy entrance to the National Museum of Wildlife Art, while across the highway, 7,000 live elk nuzzle hay in the National Elk Refuge, unafraid of the coyotes skulking their…

Jackson Hole is On Sale

Spring may be on the horizon, but Intelligent Travel Contributing Writer Cathy Healy doesn’t want you to pack away your skis quite yet. JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. — I was getting ready to tell you about how skiers of all ilk, including me, an impassioned green-run cruiser, can find their bliss in this valley of extreme…

Jenss Family Travels: Wyoming Winds

Rainer Jenss and his family are currently in their third week of their year-long around-the-world journey. They’re blogging about their trip for Traveler, and you can read about their stops so far here. It may sound strange, but when putting together an itinerary for a twelve-month trip around the world, you want to factor in…

Bodacious Breakfast: Jackson Hole

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Contributing Writer Cathy Healy is just back from a visit to Wyoming with family, and was ready to dish with us about her favorite breakfast joint. TETON VILLAGE, Wyo. – Outside the deck of our house at the base of the ski mountain, a mother moose and her calf snuggle in last night’s snow. My…

Home (Away From) Home on the Range

A beach-and-theme-park vacation is much too tame for resident family travel expert Norie Quintos. This year, for part of her summer vacation with her two sons, she headed out to Wyoming: What parent hasn’t read the Dangerous Book for Boys? Okay, I haven’t, but I’ve read all about it. Here’s the gist: What our overprotected,…