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We’ve made no secret of our love for chocolate, but it’s been a while since we dedicated an entire entry to our favorite indulgence. So, we thought to ourselves, what better time to do so than Valentine’s Day? While your devoted bloggers have their fingers crossed that boxes of their favorite hometown cacao products will await them when they check their mail this evening (Purdy’s Peanut Butter Bars for Jessie, Idle Isle Almond Cream Toffees for Emily), we have learned (thanks to the glory that is the linkblog known as Growabrain) of some unusual chocolate products that will surely be enjoyed tomorrow in various corners of the globe.

Korea: Chocolate-covered seaweed and kimchi.

Hong Kong: Chocolate mahjong.

Florence: Chocolate soup.

New York: Chocolate pizza.

The Philippines: Mint chocolate toothpaste.

Detroit: Chocolate shoes.

All over (apparently): Chocolate cheese.

If you’ve ever eaten any of these, we’d love to hear your stories. But, um, you don’t have to share the actual chocolate. Really. We’re good.