Vienna (Opera) Waits For You

Photo: Vienna Opera House

Travel to Vienna wouldn’t be complete without seeing an opera. But how to see one on a tight budget? I just learned how to get tickets to a world-class show, without giving up my right arm. The Vienna State Opera (pictured, above), the oldest German-speaking theatrical venue in Europe, has a variety of options to please the budget traveler.

  • Between 25 and 100 tickets are reserved for every show for children under 14.

    Children’s tickets sell for €15 (about $22) for a seat anywhere in the house. Not bad for a parent who doesn’t want to pay full price to watch their restless kid squirm during a three-hour opera!

  • The State Opera’s box office opens 80 minutes prior to each show. If you’ve got willing legs, get in line early to score standing room-only (“Stehplätze” on the seating chart) tickets for a mere €2-3.50 (about $2.90-5.00).
  • Or bring binoculars and plenty of tissues and grab a seat in the nosebleed section. Balcony and gallery (balkon and galerie) tickets sell for only €7-18 (about $10-26). This is quite a steal, in my opinion. My legs would definitely appreciate the extra €3.50 spent on a seat!

Thanks for the tips, EuroCheapo!

Photo: Liam Delahunty via Flickr


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  1. Darren Calnan
    January 9, 2013, 11:11 pm

    I agree the Opera is incredible there, my sister attended school nearby and the few times were wable to make it across the pond to see her, we would always go. And yes the hair pieces and costumes really are spectacular.

  2. john Strentz
    February 23, 2011, 5:03 pm

    I love music but till recently I never had the chance to enjoy a recital at the Opera. I had the opportunity to visit the Opera in Moscow and to see “A Life for the Tsar” by Mikhail Glinka. Besides the beautiful music and performing, It was astonishing how they managed to reproduce the exact atmosphere of that era, by using costumes, Wigs, decorations and make-ups. All these aspects were linked together by music in a perfect harmony. This is why Opera will last forever, an example would be the “Vienna Opera”.